January 2012

About Girl of the Year Dolls

In 2001 The American Girl Company first introduced the “Girl of The Year” collection of dolls. This collection of dolls featured modern girls that were only available for a limited time.  Each of these modern girls were released with having a special hobby or theme. Additionally, these dolls were based off of real girls who won the through a contest or other method. Many times these dolls were used in conjunction with a campaign to promote different causes such as anti-bullying or wildlife preservation.

About The Bitty Baby Dolls

In addition to American Girl dolls, the company also released a set of dolls for younger kids to enjoy. This set of dolls is referred to as the Bitty Baby dolls. The bitty baby was originally marketed under the name of “Our New Baby”. This doll was created originally to help young children get used to the idea of having a new baby in the house, but overtime evolved into an infant that children are supposed to care for.

What's the Worth of American Girl Dolls?

American Girl dolls are favorites among collectors. For many people, these dolls provide an opportunity to teach skills and to provide pretend play that's wholesome and inviting. There's no doubt that people seek out the rarity today and that rarity is in the goodness of these dolls. So, what is their worth? While some parent's may shirk at the cost of these dolls, some collectors are paying much more for the harder to find older versions.

American Girl Value

The average American Girl doll costs about $100. However, some dolls can be sold for significantly more. The company has more than 20 million dolls out there, as it started in 1986 and has grown each year. Not only are the dolls becoming more prominent collector's items, but so are the accessories. Hard to find accessories can draw in twice or three times their retail value if they become older or harder to find. Some of these items add value as soon as the company stops selling them because the market is so big.

Girl of the Year 2012

Each year the American Girl company releases the doll and story set of a modern day girl. For 2012, this girl is McKenna Brooks. This modern day American Girl resides in Seattle and performs gymnastics. This doll will only be available for purchase during 2012 and will be retired in 2013 when the next ‘Girl of the Year’ is released.Girl of the year 2012