November 2011

American Girl Dresses

For many years, girls have had the ability to dress up just as their American Girl doll was dressed. This is because in 1988 Pleasant Company began to produce historically accurate dresses that were replicas of the one’s that the dolls wore. These were made in sizes that would fit little girls and were met to be worn more as costumes and for role-playing than they were for the children to wear them out in public.

About The Dolls: Felicity

"Along with the doll, American Girl also released six books that told Felicity’s original story."

Felicity Merriman was added to the collection of American Girl dolls in 1991. Before that, there were only three dolls Samantha, Kirsten, and Molly. In 2010, Felicity was officially retired and moved to the American Girl archives.

American Girl Historical Figures Make Learning Fun

Did you have a favorite female character in history that you simply loved because of what she did or didn't do? If so, you can now pass on that thrill to your daughter with American Girl Historical Characters. For many people, history is the best way to teach children values and to give them a good foundation of knowledge about their past. With these new dolls, you'll have no problem helping your children to learn about history in a fun way.

Their Stories

The American Girl Historical Dollars feature the stories of two characters, Marie Grace Gardner and Cecile Rey. Both of these American Girl dolls are stellar, with no detail in their beautiful dresses and intricate designs being spared here. Even their shoes are picture perfect. Their story is all about the life they lived in New Orleans and the struggles they endured during that time. They learn about friendship, compassion and even develop courage. The stories are ideal learning tools perfect for creating meaningful dialogue between you and your loved ones.

American Girl dolls are popular for many reasons but this wholesome collection of dolls are far more than just your regular old baby doll. They have character and class and most importantly, they become your daughter's best friend. Take advantage of the character that these dolls teach and you are sure to love being a part of the American Girl Line

What historical figures in history would you like to see your daughter learn about? Are you interested in the new line of American Girl Historical Dolls? For many people, these will be the choice for the holiday season.

About The Dolls: Samantha

Samantha Parkington was one of the first American girl dolls to be made. Samantha has long been one of the most popular American Girl dolls available and was introduced in 1986. Many people were sad to find out that she would be retired in October 2008.

Life and Personality

Samantha is a girl of the Victorian era and her story takes place starting in the year of 1904. Samantha is an orphan who lived with her old-fashioned grandmother, called Grandmary. Along with her grandmother, her Uncle Gardner helped to raise her and acted as a father figure.

Samantha is a very curious and adventurous girl. Additionally, she has a creative streak and enjoys painting and playing the piano.