January 2011

Mattell vs MGA Entertainment Court Battle over "Skank" Dolls Continues

Slutty, inappropriate dolls steal the show!

If this doll reminds you of the hit MTV show 16 and Pregnant, you are certainly not alone. In fact, I am under the assumption that the show and characters are based off the "Bratz" line of dolls - or at least it will be when the little girls who are enjoying them now grow up (and get knocked up). The doll in the image looks like a pregnant "hood skank" and is that really the message we want to send to our little girls? I know I would personally feel like a bad parent if my child idolized a doll with a bad dye job (streaks? seriously?), Angelina lips, a slutty outfit, and a pregnant belly. Maybe I am alone on that but the question we should all be asking regarding the dolls is currently "why the court battle"?