What's the Worth of American Girl Dolls?

What's the Worth of American Girl Dolls?

American Girl dolls are favorites among collectors. For many people, these dolls provide an opportunity to teach skills and to provide pretend play that's wholesome and inviting. There's no doubt that people seek out the rarity today and that rarity is in the goodness of these dolls. So, what is their worth? While some parent's may shirk at the cost of these dolls, some collectors are paying much more for the harder to find older versions.

American Girl Value

The average American Girl doll costs about $100. However, some dolls can be sold for significantly more. The company has more than 20 million dolls out there, as it started in 1986 and has grown each year. Not only are the dolls becoming more prominent collector's items, but so are the accessories. Hard to find accessories can draw in twice or three times their retail value if they become older or harder to find. Some of these items add value as soon as the company stops selling them because the market is so big.

The value of each doll often depends on what collectors are willing to pay. Some dolls, such as Felicity will sell at twice the retail value. She was discontinued from production by the company in the early 2000s and thus has grown in value substantially.

What if you do not want to pay the high worth of American Dolls? The best places to find a deal are at the auction websites or at smaller retail outlets that may still have older items in stock. Keep those dolls. You may not realize it now but in a few years, the dolls can be worth a significant amount of money.