Mighty Girls Club

Mighty Girls Club

This empowering club is for boys and girls.

I’ve been preparing the co-op classes that I will offer next semester in our two co-op groups, and I am most excited about starting a Mighty Girls Club for children ages 5 to 8. If you aren’t familiar with A Mighty Girl, you can visit it online here.

It’s a wonderful hub of information about empowering literature, films, and even gifts that feature strong female heroines, meaningful female relationships, and yes, stuff that passes that ol’ Bechdel Test. They even have a new character collection of various female heroes that you can read about, buy action figures of, and celebrate, too! I really, really want a Serafina Pekkola figure from The Golden Compass

Anyhow, the club isn’t just for girls. Boys need to celebrate female heroes and protagonists, too—just as girls have done with boy heroes for centuries, after all—not just for equality but to realize that heroes come in all genders and from all backgrounds. So as I prepare to host my Mighty Girls Club this semester, I have opened it up for boys as well.

I can’t wait to read books like The Red Wolf, Grace for President, and The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything with this group! We won’t be stopping there, though. We’ll also be making crafts or experiments that go along with the books (I’m still working on these; they are proving to be challenging!), playing games, and discussing not just the books but what makes us mighty, too.

I am thinking I’ll use themes for this, such as mighty heart, mighty mind, mighty body, etc. I am only having the club once a month to start so hopefully I’ll be able to come up with enough themes.  I think at the end of the group, I may also hold a Mighty Movie Marathon if kids are interested and show movies like Brave and My Neighbor Totoro.

I also want to extend it into my local co-op, but I have taught some classes two or three times a month before and know it can get tiring, especially when you host at your home. So after I give it a go, I’ll be able to see how well it works out and decide whether or not I want to teach them again.

I am so excited about this class and cannot wait to be mighty and share our mightiness together!