Girl of the Year 2012

Girl of the Year 2012

Each year the American Girl company releases the doll and story set of a modern day girl. For 2012, this girl is McKenna Brooks. This modern day American Girl resides in Seattle and performs gymnastics. This doll will only be available for purchase during 2012 and will be retired in 2013 when the next ‘Girl of the Year’ is released.Girl of the year 2012

Not much is known about McKenna at this time, but her stories will focus on her life in gymnastics. Additionally, it is known that she is a 10 year old girl and she has a set of younger twin sisters named Mara and Maisey.

McKenna doll has dark blonde hair and light blue eyes. Her introductory outfit is a striped teal and gray dress with matching leggings. Other outfits for McKenna that can be purchased are her practice wardrobe, her pajamas, her school outfit, and her warm-up outfit.

Additionally, there are accessories that can be purchased for McKenna. These accessories include her dog, Cooper, her rain gear, her bedroom set, her gymnastic set, and her cast and crutches.

Two books have been released with the doll, her initial book ‘McKenna’ and an additional book titled ‘McKenna, Ready to Fly!’.

A movie featuring McKenna is set to be filmed and released. This film is as yet untitled, but is written by Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin. Jade Pettyjohn will be playing the role of McKenna. The movie will be released  on DVD sometime in July of 2012 to coincide with the timing of the Summer Olympic Games.