American Girl’s Website Makes It Easy to Find the Perfect Gift

American Girl’s Website Makes It Easy to Find the Perfect Gift

If your daughter, son, niece, nephew or even your babysitting charge is a big fan of American Girl, the company’s website has just about everything you need to make the child’s next birthday, Easter, and Christmas something special. From dolls to books to even the movies made from the series, it’s your one-stop shop for everything American Girl.

The website had a handy tool to help you find the perfect American Girl gift if you aren’t sure about what to get your fan. Unfortunately, the tool is a bit sexist, assuming that only girls enjoy the series (the tool asks, “Which doll is best for a girl who…” and it is followed by a drop-down menu with suggestions such as “likes flowers or gardening,” “loves helping others,” or “is always on the go”), while boys could surely not only benefit from reading the books, but could just as easily enjoy the stories as girls could. Still, you could likely still use the tool in order to find appropriate books or toys for boys, too.

You can also search for gifts by age range, price range, and the “favorites” section, where all of the most popular products are listed. Caregivers can also create wish lists or gift registries at the site, which can be helpful around birthdays and holidays.

For those who aren’t sure about what to buy after even all of these aids, gift cards can also be purchased at the site. Sale items that are up to 70% off can also be purchased at the site. Items as low as $4, including doll clothes, backpacks full of gear, books, and even animal companions, can be found in this section of the site. New items, such as the spunky doll Kanani and her starter collection, are available in the new items department. Of course, each type of item—from clothing to furniture, dolls to books—can be found on its individual department page featuring each type of American Girls merchandise.

Of course, visiting an American Girls store in the flesh can be much more fun for both shoppers and fans. You can take your American Girl fan to the store nearest you and watch her or his fact light up upon viewing all of those favorite dolls and their stories. If you’d rather purchase items from a catalog, however (or you have one of those kids who likes to carefully peruse the pages before circling those precious few favorite items), you can order a catalog here.