American Girl: Just Like You

American Girl: Just Like You

One of the best things I always thought when growing up and reading the American Girl stories is that the American Girl characters in the book were easily relatable. It made learning about their lives and a bit about their period in time much easier to do.

The lives of the girls were always hard to understand and the personalities they had were ones that I could relate to. Some of the girls had personalities that matched mine when growing up and some had personalities that I wished I had. Overall, they were people that I could want to be friends with which made me want to read more about their stories and their lives.

For a large time period, these books were my favorite ones because they featured girls who were just like me. They didn’t have superpowers, weren’t super rich, or anything of that sort. They were just simple girls who had fairly normal lives with their family and friends. Of course, some of them did go through events that would never happen to me, but that didn’t change how relatable I found them.

Another thing that I liked about the American Girl dolls that made me feel like they were just like me is that they had different things that they didn’t like about themselves or a few not so good personality traits. Because, let’s face it, nobody is perfect. For example, growing up I felt just like Molly about having super straight hair. I really related to the story in her book where she tried to do something to her hair so that it wouldn’t be so straight all the time.

Because of all these different things, I found American Girls to be a truly enjoyable factor in my childhood.