American Girl Fashion Show - Girls Love Participating

American Girl Fashion Show - Girls Love Participating


One of the many things girls enjoy about the American Girl dolls is just how much they can relate to the doll. The American Girl Fashion Show is a large event that takes place annually. Leading up to it are numerous smaller and local shows that allow girls and their dolls to walk down the runway to show off their look and their charm. That is just what happened at the in Baltimore.

The Event

The event brought out more than 200 girls with their American Girl Dolls. The girls took to the runway on January 28th to showcase their dolls and their pint-sized smiles. Each of the girls walking down the runway was hoping to be one of the two lucky ones to be picked to head to the larger, national show held at the hippodrome Theater. That show will be on March 24th and March 25th of this year. Those who are selected to participate in the event will be notified on February 3rd.

This instant pointless fun, though. The event will benefit the University of Maryland Children's Hospital as well as the Cool Kids Campaign. These programs work with children who are diagnosed with and facing cancer treatments.

Those who participate in the fashion show will have a blast. There will be fun party favors, music and food to celebrate. What's more, you do not have to be a professional model to be a part of the event. According to those from American Girl hosting the event this previous week, 90 percent of those who participated in the event were not professional models.