About Girl of the Year Dolls

About Girl of the Year Dolls

In 2001 The American Girl Company first introduced the “Girl of The Year” collection of dolls. This collection of dolls featured modern girls that were only available for a limited time.  Each of these modern girls were released with having a special hobby or theme. Additionally, these dolls were based off of real girls who won the through a contest or other method. Many times these dolls were used in conjunction with a campaign to promote different causes such as anti-bullying or wildlife preservation.

Each of these “Girl of the Year” dolls were released alongside an initial book that tells the story of the girl. These books are slightly longer than the books that are released for the regular American Girl dolls, and often focus on the hobby of the girl. Originally, only one book was released for each girl, but starting in 2007 the dolls in this collection began having an additional book to purchase as well.

Along with the books, a collection of accessories and clothes were released for each doll as well. Although the first few had limited collections, the later ones had much larger collections released. These items are now available for purchase at the start of each year when the doll is originally released in January.

Each of these dolls are only available for a limited time, from January to December. As the items are sold out towards the end of the year, they are not restocked and considered retired. After the end of the December, the whole collection is officially retired and a new doll isn’t announced until January.

Currently there have been 10 “Girl of the Year” dolls released. The names of these dolls are Lindsey, Kailey, Marisol, Jess, Nicki, Mia, Chrissa, Lani, Kanani, and McKenna.