About The Dolls: Molly

About The Dolls: Molly

Molly McIntire was originally released in 1986 making her one of the three original American Girl dolls. The other two dolls that were released alongside her were Samantha Parkington and Kirsten Larson. Molly is the only original American Girl doll that has not been retired.

Personality and Life

Molly is often to be considered as a daydreamer who is lively yet fanciful. She likes to have attention and draws up plans to bring attention to herself. Many times these plans fail or are just plainly unrealistic. Molly lives during the time of World War II. The war affects Molly’s life in many different ways, from the little ways to the big. The biggest affect the war has on her life is that her father is overseas tending to wounded soldiers.

The Doll

The Molly doll comes dressed in her “Meet” outfit. This outfit consisted of an argyle sweater, blue skirt, white ankle socks, and black Mary-Janes. Her hair is done up in braids with red ribbons at the end and she wears silver glasses. Her accessories include a blue beret and a red shoulder bag. In the shoulder bag, a steel penny, an embroidered handkerchief, and a silver locket can be found.


Along with the doll, six books featuring Molly were released. For each book, a corresponding outfit and accessory set could be purchased for the doll. The titles of the original six books are:

  • Meet Molly
  • Molly Learns a Lesson
  • Molly’s Surprise
  • Happy Birthday, Molly!
  • Molly Saves The Day
  • Changes For Molly

In 2006, a movie about Molly was released. The film was titled “Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front”. In the movie, Maya Ritter starred as Molly McIntire.