About The Dolls: Felicity

About The Dolls: Felicity

"Along with the doll, American Girl also released six books that told Felicity’s original story."

Felicity Merriman was added to the collection of American Girl dolls in 1991. Before that, there were only three dolls Samantha, Kirsten, and Molly. In 2010, Felicity was officially retired and moved to the American Girl archives.

Personality and Life

Felicity was a high-spirited, spunky colonial girl. Felicity often clashed with the expectations put upon her by her era. She was an active tomboy who was often annoyed by the restrictions the colonial lifestyle put on her. One of her favorite activities was riding horses, which helped her in taming a horse named Penny.

The Doll

From 1991 to 2005, Felicity was dressed in her original “Meet” outfit. This outfit consisted of a rose-print dress, a white shift and stockings, and black buckle shoes. With this dress, she wore a coral necklace, a round-eared cap, and a brocade purse. Inside the purse were a bit and a handkerchief. After 2005, she wore an updated “Meet” outfit. This dress was lavender and came with white stockings, a white shift, a white ribbon and black buckled shoes. In addition to the dress changing, the accessories she came with changed as well. Instead of the round-eared cap and coral necklace, she had a mob cap and a lavender choker.


Along with the doll, American Girl also released six books that told Felicity’s original story. Along with each book, a corresponding outfit and accessory collection were released. The titles of the original books were:

  • Meet Felicity
  • Felicity Learns A Lesson
  • Felicity’s Surprise
  • Happy Birthday, Felicity!
  • Felicity Saves The Day
  • Changes For Felicity