About The Bitty Baby Dolls

About The Bitty Baby Dolls

In addition to American Girl dolls, the company also released a set of dolls for younger kids to enjoy. This set of dolls is referred to as the Bitty Baby dolls. The bitty baby was originally marketed under the name of “Our New Baby”. This doll was created originally to help young children get used to the idea of having a new baby in the house, but overtime evolved into an infant that children are supposed to care for.

The Bitty Baby doll is released with many different hair colors and skin tones similar to the “Just Like You” American Girl dolls. Each Bitty Baby doll comes with a small stuffed bear called “Bitty Bear”. When first marketed, the Bitty Baby could be either a boy or a girl, but in 1995 the doll was specifically marketed as a girl doll.

In addition to baby dolls, additional clothing, furniture, and books were released with the Bitty Baby. These could often be bought in sets and followed along certain themes. Additionally, outfits were released for Bitty Bear as well so that the doll and the bear could match. Over time the outfits for Bitty Bear were phased out and no longer available for purchase.

In addition to Bitty Bear, other Bitty animals were released as well. Each animal was featured in a book with their family album. These animals were:

  • Bitty Bunny
  • Bitty Froggy
  • Bitty Ducky
  • Bitty Lambie
  • Bitty Puppy
  • Bitty Kitty
  • Bitty Piggy

These additional Bitty animals were officially retired in 2009, making the original Bitty Bear the only one available.